John Shaw:
"The M 3.5a is the lightest weight, most stable, and most easily packed of all the "action heads" on the market.  I take it with me on all my travels, from the Arctic to the Antarctic.  Using it lets me concentrate on my photography, not on the equipment.  I once loaned this head to a friend, and the response was "If you want this back, you'll have to pry it out of my hands."  I can certainly understand this attitude."

Jens Birch:
I'm very happy with the replacement foot for the Olympus  ZD 90-250/2.8 lens that I bought a couple of months ago. It allows me to get a better balanced gear on the tripod and the monopod and, at the same time, saving weight and reducing size. Thanks for a great product!

As it happens, last week I bought a second hand Olympus ZD 300/2.8 lens which, to my delight, also has been equipped with a 4th Generation Designs replacement foot by the previous owner.


Here's an opportunity for our customers to display their work with their 4th Generation Design's products.
.Carl, Medford OR:
“This head is great!! (Mongoose 262) Works great with Canon 400 f-5.6 even with 2x TC attached. I have even found it useful with my 70-200 f/2.8 lens.”

J.L., London England:
“Every oz. counts. Thank you for a superb design."

Bob, Lynnwood WA:
“I love my Mongoose – Like it was Custom Made for my 100-400”

Steve Cirone-

I run nature photo tours in San Diego and had a client who wanted to use my Wimberley II as he was skeptical of the Mongoose 3.5 I had on my Gitzo CF tripod.  So I switched heads. 

I went shooting the next day solo, failing to change heads back to the Mongoose.  After slogging through the mud in my wetsuit and walking a mile with my 800mm and the Wimberley II, the screw that secures the mount to the camera foot clamp dug into my shoulder so badly that I walked all the way back to the car and reinstalled my beloved Mongoose 3.5.

The biggest plus your Mongoose 3.5 has over the Wimberley  is the Mongoose allows one to sling the rig over one’s shoulder with nothing digging into your body, plus it is much lighter, simpler, and elegant looking.  Truly the Ferrari of all the tripod heads.  You might want to demo this on your site, as it is a huge selling point over the Wimb II, the one everyone seems to think is so peachy, but isn’t.  Al

Another cool thing is with the Mark 3 body on the 800mm and your rig, the foot is dead center in the mount of the Mongoose.  Man, it looks sweet, carries so easily great distances,  and works like a charm.

Happy image making!